How to Prepare Brandy Alexander Cocktail

Brandy Alexander Cocktail


50 ml brandy

50 ml crem de cacao

50 ml cream


First of all combine 50 ml shot of brandy, 50 ml crème de cacao and 50 ml cream in a shaker with full of ice and shake it perfectly. Top up with a whipping cream and decorate with a canella stick. Also, we recommend to use a Brandy/Cognac snifter glass (6 to 10 oz.)


About Brandy Alexander Cocktail

The Brandy Alexander Cocktail is a dessert drink that contains: brandy, crème de cacao and cream. Drinkers sometimes do refer it as a “milkshake” because the brandy (alcohol) taste is so light. The cocktail is a popular choice for occasional drinkers, but also is beloved by many veteran cocktail drinkers as well.

This is a very simple cocktail. You can even do at your home if you like. The quality of the ingredients you choose for this drink will be noticeable. Also, if possible, try using a nice cognac over a bottom-shelf brandy. And, if you prefer an even creamier, sweeter drink, then try using cream instead of half and half.


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