How to Prepare Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini


1 shot espresso 7 grams

1 shot kahlua 25 ml

2x shots absolute vanilla 50 ml


Pour the espresso, Kahlua and shots of absolute vanilla in a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake it well for 1 minute.

Use a Martini glass which is perfect for this kind of cocktail. The mixture of the shaker pour into a chilly martini glass carefully, in order to create the cream on the top. Our suggestion is to decorate it with some espresso coffee beans on the top.


About Espresso Martini

Created in 1983 by the legendary Dick Bradsell. Anyway, Dick’s original recipe called for sugar syrup, vodka, two types of coffee (Tia Maria and Kahlua) and freshly made espresso. Also, if you meet the name Vodka Espresso or Pharmaceutical Stimulant, that means that its the same recipe as the Espresso Martini that morphed over a couple of decades to assemble the different tastes of a changing situation.

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