How to Prepare Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule


Double vodka shot 2 x 25 ml

Fresh Lime juice

Ginger beer


Pour the vodka and lime juice into a copper mug or a highball glass, full of ice. Top up with a ginger beer. Garnish with a piece of lime or a mint if you like. The copper mug gives the Moscow Mule a specific taste, and makes it cold all the time.


About Moscow Mule

There is a believing that the creation of the Moscow Mule dates from 1939 at the Cock N’ Bull pub in Hollywood. This story goes that the owner of the bar, Jack Morgan, partnered up with the Smirnoff owner John Martin, hence to promote that vodka along with the bar’s house ginger beer.

Also, there is another story from 1941 at the same bar when the head bartender in that time, Wes Price, needed to unload liquor stock that wasn’t popular and wasn’t selling.

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