How to Prepare Whisky Sour Cocktail

Whisky Sour Cocktail


50 ml sweet and sour sauce

50 ml bourbon

1 white egg


Combine everything in a shaker, and shake without ice until its emulsified. Then add ice and shake until it’s chilled.

Use a old fashion glass.

Garnish with a pieces of lemon and cherry , or orange and cherry .

For a modern version put a slice of green apple and a canella stick.

Enjoy your drink!


About Whisky Sour Cocktail

We all know that you can have a better quality when using quality whiskeys in the likes of Jack Daniels on example – whiskeys will reward you with a deeper and smoother flavor. Also there can be find a variation of this drink that involves enough egg white, thus to thicken the drink a little so you can savor it.

It’s refreshing enough to keep you revive you during the hot summer months, and so appropriate in the colder seasons of the year too. Even if you’re not a whiskey fan, you might find yourself swooning over a well-crafted whiskey sour. The secret is not a secret at all, just use fresh ingredients.

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