How to Prepare Casino Cocktail – Monkey 47 Schwarzwald

Monkey 47 Schawrzland


Gin monkey 47 2 x 50 ml

3 dish of vanilla essence

Tonic water


This cocktail has the full potential to become your new favorite drink. Monkey 47 Schwarzwald cocktail, also known as Casino cocktail is mix of bitter and sweet with a touch of sour. At first combine 2 x 50 ml Monkey 47, a dash of vanilla essence in a shaker over ice. Shake vigorously and aggressively and strain into a wine glass as it is shown on our picture. And because a classic cocktail needs a classic garnish, then don’t forget the grapes and orange pieces to decorate. Top up with tonic water. While we can’t say for sure whether this drink is to used as a staple at the blackjack, poker or at the roulette table, but we can surely make a recommendation: Whether at your favorite bar or at the casino – the Casino Cocktail (Monkey 47 Schwarzwald) deserves a space at the table.

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