How to Prepare Fresh Mango Daiquiri

Fresh Mango Daiquiri


White rum 50 ml

Lemon juice 25 ml

Fresh mango pure 50 ml


At first white rum, lemon juice and fresh mango pure (you can also use a fresh mango as a fruit instead of a pure) fill in blender and aggressively shake the ingredients until they are smooth. When they are perfectly smooth and mixed, then top up with 2 bar scoops of crashed ice and continue to blend for 30 seconds. We recommend a cabernet margarita cocktail glass. For a garnish, our experience says that the best way to do that is to decorate with grapes, dry lemon pieces and fresh lemon pieces – so the cocktail can look like a smiley face and happy face.


About Fresh Mango Daiquiri

The history of Mango Daiquiri is very difficult to find out the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Daiquiri Cocktail. Anyway, many will agree that its creator is Jennings Stockton Cox, and the birthplace of the cocktail is from the iron mines of Daiquiri in Cuba.

Another version for creating this cocktail comes from Jennings Cox’s granddaughter. She actually relates that Mango Daiquiri was invented when Cox received an American guests. He didn’t have gin and didn’t want to offer a dry rum as well, so Cox made a cocktail with ingredients he had in that actual time. And the Mango Daiquiri was born …

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