Concasse Tomato Sauce

Simple definition for Concasse Tomato Sauce

Concasse (Concasse Tomato Sauce) comes from the French term concasser “to crush or grind” and is used to describe roughly dicing vegetables, typically for tomatoes, that are peeled with their seeds removed. The most popular use for tomato concasse is to make Bruschetta, with small diced concasse tomatoes mixed with olive oil and fresh basil.

For bruschetta we use more ingredients than the normal recipe that is in use around the globe.

Concasse Tomato Sauce





Olive Oil



Salt & Pepper

Concasse Tomato Sauce


On the tomato make X on the bottom of the tomato, put it in a boiled water for about 30 seconds and after that put it in a cold-ice water for about 30 seconds also. When its ready, you can remove the skin easily and quickly.

When the skin and the seeds are removed, then chop it on the smaller size. Cut all of the ingredients on a very small pieces and mix them with tomatoes, and add salt and pepper at the end alongside the olive oil.

The concasse tomato is ready for use!


Concasse Tomato Sauce

Concasse Tomato Sauce

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