Salad With Turkey, Mushrooms and Pine Nuts

Salad With Turkey







Turkey meat

Pine nuts


Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil


Glass of white wine



1st step

The first thing we need to do to prepare our salad with turkey, mushrooms and pine nuts is to chop the turkey meat on a small pieces, and to chop the mushrooms on a medium size cubes. Then put a pan to heating and add butter. When the butter is melted, put the meat, the mushrooms and the pine nuts for frying. At the end add the glass of wine for the sauce to be more dense. If you want the meat to be well-tasty, then you have to fry the meat separately in order to become crispy.

2nd step

After finishing the 1st step, now we are moving to the 2nd. Order the vegetables in a dish, mix them and add salt & pepper and olive oil. On the top of it add the turkey that was previously prepared alongside the mushrooms. And your salad with turkey is ready!

Salad With Turkey 1

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